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Purdy has given birth to five girls and two boys! Purdy did really well. If you're looking for a fabulous, loyal and outgoing companion or Show/Dog sports prospect this is your chance! Contact Us!

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Experienced Breeders

The start in life that we give our poodle puppies is very important to us. For over 30 years we have proudly raised optimally healthy puppies that are sound in mind and body.

This starts with happy, health and genetically tested parents, a species appropriate, and predominately raw/fresh food diet. Adding to this we implement the Puppy Culture, Avidog and BAB programs as well. We feel this combination is truly the best start in life.

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Moyen Poodles ~ The Perfect Fit!

Moyen poodles are some of the smartest and easily trained dogs you will ever meet. Moyens (French for medium) are active, extremely intelligent and tend to have an incredible sense of humor. They are loyal and bond closely to their family members. Their temperament makes them a great choice for families with Children as well as active adults or even therapy/service dogs.

  • Height: 15-18"
  • Weight: 15-25 lbs.
  • lifespan 12-16 yrs.
Easterbrooks Perdita Vonteese

Start with Elite Healthy Parents!

All of our Parent dogs are AKC registered and come from carefully selected diverse lineage/Champion bloodlines. All dogs are Orthopedic tested as well as all Genetic health clearances Through Paw Print Genetics. We take great pride in our dogs and it shows!


Our experience with Angie was one of the best experiences I have had with any breeder. She is patient, answered all our questions and breeds the most beautiful well adjusted poodles. We are in LOVE with our girl Ivy! I simply can’t say enough about how amazing Angie is and her breeding program!

Tisa Stafford
Tisa Stafford - Testimonial

It’s been a few years now that Angie at Easterbrook, and I have been in contact back and forth. The timing was never completely right for me to get one of her puppies. Suddenly, there they were, the perfect trio of gentlemen puppies. To my complete amazement, the universe with its divine intervention, had the little Clark Gable available to a breeding program. Angie is very selective about who gets one of her puppies. I am honoured that she entrusted me with Clark Gable, now called Frankie. The puppy travelled with a flight Nanny and arrived social, outgoing, confident, loving, bold, huggable and delightful in every possible way! Did we mention how utterly handsome? Angie is very organized. Responds promptly, has everything under control and the transition from her home to mine seemed seamless. Frankie just stepped off the plane into a new environment and new home without missing a beat! I would recommend Angie without hesitation. Frankie is everything and more than Angie said he was. Trust in Angie. She is very honest, respectable and an amazing breeder of high quality Moyen Poodles. Kim René Coté, Haseya Poodles.

Kim Renée Coté

I loved working with Angie! She's knowledgeable and personable, keeping me up-to-date on my Toby's (previously Patchouli) progress. Aside from his gorgeous conformation and breathtaking coloring, Toby is smart, confident, quickly learns whatever I teach and he is eager to please! I am excited to watch this boy grow.

Stace Smith
Testimonial - Stace Smith

I can’t say enough about my wonderful puppy from Easterbrook Poodles. I was lucky enough to get Norman (Cary Grant) a couple of weeks ago. This is my fifth poodle in my adult life but first one from this breeder and this puppy is extrodinary! His confidence, intelligence, beauty and so advanced for a 10 week old. I could tell the difference right away. The attention to behavioral training and socialization is evident from the minute i looked in his eyes. I feel so grateful to be able to share my life with this very special dog. Thank you Angie

Betsy Hampton

I want to say that I had an impeccable experience with Easterbrook kennel. Angie was responsive, knowledgeable and kept me updated on my pup once or twice a week! I got pics every week! Angie is a quality breeder who wants her pups going to the best homes. Her dogs and their pups are top notch! And I am proud that she has entrusted me with one of these great puppies! Thank you EMP 😊🐩💫

April Snyder

You could not get a breeder with better communication Angie! Angie is so warm and open about her pups. She works to find out what you are looking for in your pup and keeps you informed along the way with videos pictures and updates! Angie raises her puppies with lots of love and exposes them to sensory stimulation with the end result being a very calm and well adjusted puppy. Thank you Angie for the love and care with which you raise such beautiful, smart and loving puppies, and thank you for being there to patiently answer all of our questions. Looking forward to watching our Georgie grow into a wonderful loving member of our family! You won’t be disappointed with an Easterbrook Moyen Poodle!

Trish Herr

100% recommend bringing an Easterbrook Moyen Poodle into your life! Angie is amazing to work with. She not only breeds beautiful poodles with sound confirmation and health testing, but just as important, she raises them to be confident and very personable. She knows her puppies so well, she makes sure that it’s a great fit for you and the puppy. Her communication throughout the entire process and her follow up after is truly incredible. She goes above and beyond and I could not be more thrilled to have added Easterbrook Moyen Poodle to my family!

Madison Voss
Testimonial - Madison Voss

1000 % recommend Easterbrook Moyen Poodles.   Angie is an excellent breeder who raises very healthy confirmationally correct well adjusted babies.  Our babies are confident cuddley loving and so smart, already going to the door to go outside.  Angie kept us aware of the whole process from birth to coming home  she provided almost daily videos and photos.    She is very supportive and patient answering all of our questions.  You can't go wrong getting a new family member from Angie.
Coraline and Pongo 🩷🩵

David Freisinger
David Freisinger - Testimonial

One of the best experiences I have had when adopting a puppy! Angie is amazing to work with:) She goes over and beyond making sure she produces happy, healthy puppies! Communication is key and she is so easy to get ahold of. I would definitely recommend Easterbrook Moyen Poodles if you are looking for a wonderful, well bred poodle!

Tarra Hoover

I have had the best experience with Angie. I could tell from the beginning that Angie is a breeder who really does love and care for all of her puppies deeply. I could also tell very quickly when we got our puppy how hard Angie worked to socialize our puppy to feel comfortable with many sounds, people, kids, environments, objects, etc. Our pup is not startled by anything, he sleeps amazing and is so well tempered. I was shocked to see that he just naturally would go lay in his crate and take a nap on his own. There is a lot of work that goes into raising a pup and socializing them to feel comfortable in our world and Angie did an amazing job. It is so worth the money to pay a good breeder like Angie who socializes her puppies so well. In the long run it has made my life a lot easier with training and just enjoying time with our new pup. Highly recommend! ☝️

Kimberly-Zach Cottrell
Kimberly-Zach Cottrell - Testimonial

Angie is a a phenomenal breeder. Not only does she breed for superb conformation, temperament and health, her puppies have such a great start in life with her puppy culture methods. We've added the most well adjusted puppy with a huge head start on training to our family. I did an extensive search for a reputable breeder and when I found Easterbrook Moyen Poodles, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. Angie chose the puppy for us that would best fit with our family and lifestyle and it couldn't have turned out more perfect. The time & work she has put into these wee ones definitely shows in our daily activities & training. Thank you for breeding such amazing and joyful pups! We can't wait to get another.

Amy Keller
Amy Keller - Testimonial

Very nice professional breeder. Got my baby girl last Wednesday and can’t say enough great things about her. By Friday she was wrestling with my other dogs and trying to take the place over. This puppy was given a good start at home! Great temperament, very confident and wants to be cuddled ALL the time. She has already stole my heart❤️! She is a very smart puppy and I’m proud to have her in my breeding program. Her confirmation, temperament and beautiful color definitely steps my program up a notch. Hard to find a pup with the whole package. Thank you Angie for an amazing puppy.

Susanne Morris
Susanne Morris - Testimonial

If you are looking for a well adjusted poodle with a sweet temperament, great conformation and health tested Angie is your Breeder.  We have 2 of her babies and also transported 2 additional babies cross-country.  These babies traveled well and got many compliments.  When we get another baby it will definitely be from Angie.   Angie has also been very patient and answered all of our questions and is willing to assist with learning to groom. Awesome Breeder. 💞

Susan Freisinger
Susan Freisinger - Testimonials

I had researched Moyen Poodle breeders 3 years ago and after talking to several,  Angie at Easterbrook stood out with her stunning puppies and breeding philosophy. I had decided on getting one of Ivys puppies, but another dog that needed a home entered our life and I had to settle for just looking at the different letters and adoring from afar. When I learned at Christmas that Ivy was being retired as a breeding dog my husband and I decided we would go ahead and get one, and we have no regrets. Angie did a great job communicating wth us and sending videos and photos, and  answering my endless questions. I knew our life would be chaotic with a puppy and was expecting long sleepless nights,  messes all over,  chewed up everything,  and all the other chaos new puppies bring.  Boy was I pleasantly wrong! In the week that he has been here the first two days he woke once during the night to go potty, then went right back to bed.  after 2 nights he started sleeping through the night.   He learned how to use the dog door after 2 days and after a week when I told him to go potty, he trotted out the door to the grass,  did his business,  then came back in.  Still working on getting him to go outside consistently,  but that is our mistakes more than his.  He knows no, how to fetch,  sir,  shake hands,  and walk on a leash.  I work from home and he sleeps or plays quietly for 10 hours a day in his play pen (with potty breaks on my breaks)  I cannot believe how easy going and intelligent these puppies are. I highly recommend Easterbrook Moyens and when it's time for a new addition I will be looking for the next litter due!

Teri Reinemer
Teri Reinemer - Testimonials