What We Offer

How we do things - Your puppies start in life

We take bringing puppies into the world quite seriously! Puppies are born in our home and raised in the center of our bustling family with a lot of love and care and appropriate handling from the entire family.

New families can watch puppies grow with weekly updated photos here on website, as well as daily updates, photos and videos on our Facebook Page.

Our goal is to raise an engaged puppy that is unfazed by the unexpected and can handle things in stride, whether his natural temperament is bold and confident or sweet and gentle. We do this by structuring their exposure to appropriate sights, sounds, tastes, textures, and smells through a wide variety of experiences.

Puppies will go to their new homes Freshly groomed, accustomed to clippers and nail trims. They will be accustomed to a crate, the vet and all sorts of strangers; they will have met cats and even chickens... shiny floors and stairs; grass, gravel, straw, leaves, dirt, and so much more. We begin potty training in the whelping pen, and by the time they go home, they have a good idea of how it works, they just need patience, love, and practice!

We are participants in Puppy Culture and BAB programs, Giving them the proper tools and fundamentals they will need to be successful adults. Between days 3-16 puppies will receive Early Neurological Stimulation (called ENS or Biosensor) followed by early scent introduction (ESI). Because of the early interaction, our puppies will be well prepared for whatever direction their new family decides to take them.


Our puppies are started on a raw diet, consisting of unpasteurized goats milk, ground meat/bone/organs, fresh egg yolks, a vitamin/probiotic supplement with Lifes Abundance small/medium breed puppy formula and they will go to their new homes with a 50 dollar gift certificate for Lifes Abundance.

Puppies will go home with a list of recommended foods and supplements.


We use Nomographs from the University of Wisconsin's CAVIDS Lab for a customized vaccination schedule that maximizes protection and minimizes risk for our puppies. Puppies will go home with any advised vaccines and with a full report from the lab.

What's included in our puppy price?

  • A sound and healthy puppy that has been carefully bred, mindfully raised, from genetically tested parents, thoroughly loved, veterinarian cleared, and prepared for his/her new life with you
  • Full individual Genetic Report from Canine Health Check
  • 2-year health guarantee against congenital and/or genetic defects
  • Health records
  • Nomograph vaccination protocol
  • Regular worming and negative fecal result
  • Owner binder with all paperwork and documents
  • 4 generation pedigree
  • Parents’ pedigrees, profiles, and genetic testing results
  • Sample/starter bags of foods
  • Collar and leash
  • Toys and scent item with dam’s and our scent
  • Lifetime commitment and support